“Curtains finish the window, so they are a big yes from us at Interior Inspirations”

Like all aspects of interior design, curtains play their part in the overall aesthetics of a room, including the underlying composition of your home in general.

Made BY US

All our curtains are handmade by our seamstresses, making made-to-measure easy for you. We can have great fun designing your bespoke curtains for your exact window requirements.

Abundance of choice

Being one of the largest stockists of fabric books in Aberdeenshire means we are sure to have something for your taste, style and budget.

We also have a wide range of curtain headings, linings and fixings, allowing you to get the style you require.

But where do you start?

Picking the suitable curtains can be a confusing task. Sometimes, it’s hard to know exactly what will work with the rest of your interior elements.

In-house Designers

Our professional in-house designers will help you choose the proper selection of curtains to enhance the décor of your bedroom, lounge or dining room.


The correct set of curtains will also help to fuse any other pieces of furniture, accessories, or other interior design elements to complete the room neatly.

Learn more about remote-controlled options…

Heading tape style guide

When choosing your fabric for your curtains, don’t forget to think about your heading tape.

Here is our quick guide to help you…

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat curtains are the classic curtain header style that suits almost every type of home. With this type of curtain, you can choose from 3″ and 6″ header tape and this style works equally well on a curtain pole or a track.

Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat curtains are a highly decorative heading, drawing together lots of fabric into a gathered and stitched bunch at the top. The permanently sewn-in pleats make for a smart finish, with elegant folds flowing from top to bottom.


A Wave pleat is where the fabric is gathered into softly rippling folds. It can be a less formal look than some of the other styles. However, it is perfect for creating a relaxed and informal feel within the home.


An Eyelet heading creates a very contemporary look where the curtain pole is threaded through metal eyelets in the top of the curtain, then flowing effortlessly down to the floor.

Bespoke Heading

Do you already have an idea in style? Show us a picture, and we will do our best to replicate this in your curtains!

Cozy to Blackout

A wide choice of curtain linings

  • Normal rich cotton – fantastic quality for everyday.
  • Blackout – great for bedrooms.
  • Thermal – adds that extra bit of warmth.

  • Padded – our go-to for old draughty houses, extra cosy.
  • Fire treated – Gives your curtains extra protection from fire – a must for commercial premises. Also great for curtains or blinds that lie beside log burning stoves.
  • Eco – Responsibly sourced cotton blended with recycled polyester – UK proudly produced. Supports more sustainable farming methods, requires less energy to produce, promotes ethical environmental protection & Luxury Eco.

We have all of these on display in our showroom/shop, so why not pop in and find out more.

Custome Made for the Perfect Fit

Curtain Tracks

We manufacture our curtain tracks on-site at Interior Inspirations; our state-of-the-art hand-drawn, corded and motorised systems come with a 10-year warranty. As part of our service, we bend them and install them accordingly so they fit perfectly into place.

Tracks are versatile and can be installed anywhere, be it on your roof or wall mounted, and can be doubled up for voile curtains behind thicker curtains.

Perfect Fit

Made from sturdy metal and can bend them with up to a 10cm radius, they are great for bay windows.

Low maintenance with smooth, continuous gliding.

Style Options

Available in white, black and silver as stock colours.

Integration into your home hub, for smart app and voice control.

Choice of wall or roof fix brackets

We have tracks on display in our showroom so pop in past us in Cornhill to find out more.

Beautiful interiors deserve beautiful accessories

Curtain Poles

Our impressive selection of wood and metal finishes gives you a range of styles, colours, diameters and price points to ensure you can find the perfect Pole for your scheme.


Wooden Poles are available in a range of styles, colours, diameters and price points. The hand-finished wooden finials are suited to both country and urban homes, and the rustic qualities of the wood create a stunning and natural look.


If metal poles are more your thing, check out our extensive range in-store. With striking metallics to muted and neutral shades, they are finished to an exceptional standard. You can undoubtedly add a luxurious, clean look that is both elegant and enduring.

Did you know? You can combine the beauty of a wood or metal pole with the smooth functionality of a curtain track; some poles can be ordered as made-to-measure tracked poles, corded or uncorded to allow an added level of convenience and control. Ask more about tracked poles in our shop or contact us.

What is a pelmet?

A pelmet is a decorative panel at the top of a window which hides curtain installation elements such as curtain rails.

Here is our quick guide to help you…

Add character with a pelmet

Pelmets are available in various styles and designs and can add character to any room.

They also help with a blackout in the room and act as an extra layer of insulation in front of the window to reduce heat loss in your home.

From soft to solid and in an assortment of shapes, pelmets look best when designed to complement the style and period of your home.

Our Pelmets

At Interior Inspirations, we specialise in bespoke bay and shaped pelmets. As we make all our wooden pelmets in our workshop here in Cornhill, this means we can do any size, shape or style.

We are delighted to see that pelmets are making a comeback in the world of interior decor. However, for us, they never really went out of style! This is because they are efficient by offering clever styling solutions to a room.

Style & Dimension

Depending on the size of your room and the windows you are considering decorating, a gorgeous bespoke pelmet can add drama and style. In addition, cleverly shaped and placed pelmets can trick the eye into believing you have elevated the height of your ceilings or have larger windows.


Adding a pelmet is a straightforward way to hide your curtain track. This allows you to create a sleeker and more polished finish to your room. As the pelmet will be bespoke to your requirements, it will wrap neatly around the edge of your window frame and curtains so they hang beautifully behind it.

Finishing Touches

A wide choice of tiebacks and holdbacks

Finishing touches are essential for interior decor in your home. You can get so many different styles of curtain tiebacks or holdbacks to suit all tastes. Extra touches and accessories can finish off a window and make all the difference between a stunning or decidedly average and an uninspiring one.

  • What Are Curtain Tiebacks?

    Curtain tiebacks are both decorative accessories and functional accessories for your curtains. They pull back and hold your curtains to both let in the light and add a great finishing touch to your curtains. They are made from a soft and flexible material, usually of the same fabric as the curtains or twisted, satin rope with a tassel at the front.
  • What are curtain holdbacks?

    Curtain holdbacks, or pull-backs, come in various forms, such as metal hooks or knobs, which are installed in the wall next to a window. They all function to keep curtains swept to the side of a window for a visually pleasing effect that is just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

We have all of these on display in our showroom/shop, so why not pop in and find out more.

Double Layer Curtains
Sheer double layer curtains
Double Layered Curtains

Most popular in hotels or estate houses, double-layered curtains can add extra style, colour, depth and elegance to a room.

It’s also a great way to double down on privacy. Plus, layered curtains provide extra insulation that can increase energy efficiency and lower utility costs for your home!

Sheer and Opaque

There tend to be two layers: sheer and opaque. The sheer layer tends to be the layer closest to the window. This allows light in while providing privacy during the day and can be curtains or blinds. There then tends to be an opaque layer closest to the inside of the room, which blocks light for blissful sleep, warding off harmful UV and can dampen noise.

Why have double layered curtains?
  • It adds privacy or light control to a room;
  • It enhances the texture, depth and dimension of a window;
  • It’s an opportunity to play with colour and pattern and to bring your personal style front and centre.
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility costs

We also have a wide range of curtains to choose from, allowing you to get the style you require.

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