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Remote Control & Home Hub

Dedicated to making your life easier and more convenient.

Embrace the comfort, convenience, and peace of mind with a remote control or Home Hub automation system for your home – find out some of the benefits below.

Remote Control Curtains or Blinds

At Interior Inspirations, we believe life should be made as easy as possible. If you have an awkward sized window, or a window at a height which you would still like a set of curtains installed, these may be for you.

adding value

In Aberdeenshire, a lot of us pride ourselves in adding value into our property. Add remote controlled curtains as an asset to your home. Being enticing and impressive to any bystander or friend, this type of addition to your home could make all the difference to its value if this is something you are looking to boost in the years to come.

We can design your curtains in a variety of different options; from Poles, to tracks and even tracks with timers, or those which are operated from a remote control. The ones that come with a remote control, however, are both convenient and stylish, and let’s face it… they’re great fun to play with when you have guests over and want to show them your latest gadgets around your home.

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Smart Home Hub

We take pride in offering high-quality products and services in the North East, including keeping up with the latest trends in fabrics, wallpapers, and technology.

Home Hub by Interior Inspiration
Why install a Home Hub?

Smart home automation can simplify your life and enhance your comfort while providing you with a sense of security no matter where you are. A home hub enables you to connect and control all your smart devices through a single home automation platform. With the touch of a button or a simple app control, a home hub provides convenient and adaptable smart home solutions.

What can I control with my home hub?

Control everything from your Google Assistant/Alexa to your blinds, shutters, doors, windows, heating and lighting with a smartphone, tablet or PC. This will allow you to have greater security, energy efficiency and enhanced comfort every day.

Home hub options

Two brands to choose from…

We are delighted to be working with not one, but two brands of home hubs which we can discuss, order and install for our customers.

  • EvaglideThe Evaglide Hub is easy to set up and build a connection using the WIFi router at home or within the workplace to enable the motorsation of blinds and tracks. It can be conveniently operated through smart home voice technology or the ‘Connector’ app.

    The Evaglide Hub works in harmony with popular home automation systems and can operate up to 30 devices throughout 20 rooms. The Evaglide hub comes with a 2 year warranty backed by the market-leading 10 year warranty on all motorised blind and track systems.

  • SomfyOur more popular brand for customers is the Somfy home hub. From smart application to home automation, it allows you to create your own routines and launch them with one touch, all with 5 years warranty.

    In addition, it offers customers the ability to motorise up to 50 motorised RTS/equipment, 40 scenarios, 40 timer programs, and more than 280 equipment ranges and 21 major home equipment brands. They are both battery and mains powered motors to ensure that an option is available to every situation.

Remote Control Blind for Home Automation by Interior Inspiration
Smart Apps for Home Automation by Interior Inspiration

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