Modern-Contemporary Perfect Fit Blinds with Bespoke Pelmet and Curtains

Project Details – 4 Hive Micro Multi-Zone Perfect Fit Blinds set in patio doors with a wall-to-wall bespoke pelmet and matching floor-length curtains

Brand(s) used – Hallis Hudson & Prestigious Textiles

A breathtaking countryside view can be the perfect backdrop to a dream kitchen and dining room.

Recently, the owner of this home – with a stunning view – decided to optimise the scenery by installing four patio doors leading to the garden. They installed four Perfect Fit Hive Micro Blinds on the doors to regulate the amount of sunlight. These bi-folding door blinds were explicitly designed for compact spaces and measure only 20mm deep from the glass. The honeycomb cellular structure of the blinds provides increased heat blocking and sound absorbent capabilities while giving a modern and sleek appearance.

The Multi-Zone Blinds allow for independent control of the top and bottom sections, providing versatile sunlight control for large windows and glass doors. Check out the video and photos below to see them in action!

To add a touch of elegance and complement the room, a bespoke pelmet measuring 570cm and with a depth of 40cm was installed from wall to wall. This pelmet adds a luxurious finish, hides the curtain tracks, and ties the room together. Additionally, four curtains, each 2 widths wide with a 3″ wave heading, were created using a modern-contemporary Prestigious Textiles Fabric. The curtains complement the blinds and add softness and texture to the room. The blinds, pelmet, and curtains create a harmonious look that blends seamlessly with the stunning countryside view.

The Hive Micro Perfect Fit Blinds can be moved, both at the top and bottom, to optimise flexibility for blocking out the sun.

Move the Multi-Zone Perfect Fit Blinds up and down to block out the sunlight.

Andy is showing how the Multi Zone Blinds work in the Patio Doors.

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